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Trusted by clients like TechTarget, Wealthsimple, Taboola, and CGI to make their content marketing less "techy."

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Tech-heavy content doesn't work in today's B2B world.

You might think it demonstrates your expertise but it usually just confuses buyers. Yes, they need to know the tech specs but it’s not often the tech that gets people to buy.

They’re looking for tech solutions to solve their daily work problems. Make them look good to their higher-ups. Save their companies money over the long-term.

That's why technical copywriting is key.

When done right, it’ll transform your B2B tech business. It explains your tech in language clients understand while bringing more qualified buyers to you. You’ll spend more time crafting a better product and client experience instead of constantly searching for more clients.

I know it works because I’ve been doing it for my B2B tech clients for 20+ years. Since before content marketing and customer success were things to “do.”
Julia is an absolute professional when it comes to writing B2B articles & copy. Choosing Julia for your B2B content needs is a no-brainer -- not only will she tackle your projects with professionalism -- but she'll make sure to get it right so you can publish it quickly & provide engaging, clear content that your readers can use regularly.
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Jessica Lulka
Site Editor, TechTarget
Who I work with

My clients are some of the largest tech companies in the world, where B2B enterprise-level copywriting is standard.

They trust me to deliver high-quality writing for their content marketing programs, every time

But that doesn’t mean I work with everyone. I generally work with1 of 2 types of clients…

B2B Tech Companies

B2B Marketing Agencies

My work drives results for these companies every day. It saved one client 5 hours per week and increased their publishing volume by 25%. Another used it to sign several Fortune 500 companies to their roster and still sends it out as an education piece to new prospects.

Selected clients include:

Technical content marketing services

Some copywriters work on a wide range of content marketing projects, but not me. I focus on three main areas that’ll deliver the most value to you and your clients.


I’ll help you execute your content marketing with expert copywriting creativity & skill.


I’ll transform your existing content assets into something new that’ll increase their ROI.


I’ll review & polish your tech content marketing so it's correct & accurate.

Ready to work with me? Let's talk.
I know that hiring a technical copywriter can be tricky. — not all of us can do what you need. As a first step, fill out my questionnaire to see if we’d be a good fit. I’ll let you know either way so you’re not left wondering. The questions help me guarantee a successful outcome for my clients.

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